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  • Education Matters Gala

    Summit Academy Charter School 2nd Annual Education Matters Gala

    March 3, 2019

    Why Support?

    Summit Academy is a vital conservancy of sustentation for its youth and their families. It provides the fundamental and supplemental resources which enables a shift from the predetermined confines of their statistically disadvantaged communities.

    The Promise

    SACS provides the environment and tools that sets a trajectory of success for students, equipping them to contribute and operate fully in the greater economy with expanded life choices.

    The Goal

    We are excited to present our plans for the Education Matters Gala, and with the help of your valued contribution we are aiming to raise $15,000 to enhance academic programs for our scholars.

    The Impact

    Meeting this goal is vitally important to increase the college matriculation rate  in our community and therefore we are asking for much-needed help.


    Summit Academy Charter School believe that education matters.

    Education allows each person to gain power and create opportunities. It impacts every aspect of our lives, as it is the means by which we develop as individuals and come to understand our world.

    The Education Matters Gala is an opportunity for New York City’s most influential and brightest trailblazers to network and mingle while contributing to a phenomenal cause.  Summit Academy Charter School seeks an influx of “friends” and additional smart investments who can be leveraged to produce big results for scholars.

    Honoring NYC Education Champions

    2019 IMPACT Award Recipients

    Samease Handshaw, Founding Director of Finance & Operations

    Andrew Hasty, Founding Science Teacher

    Alissandra Pacheco, Member of Inaugural Class (Class of 2016)

    Karen Broughton, Chief of Staff for Assistant Speaker Felix W. Ortiz

    Jalil Brown, SACS Scholar (Class of 2019)

    Mickhel Waldron, SACS Scholar (Class of 2019)

    Cecilia Velesaca, Former SACS Parent


    Join us at our 2nd Annual Education Matters Gala on March 3, 2019 5pm - 9pm

    Princess Manor

    92 Nassau Avenue

    Brooklyn, NY 11222

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